Nutritionist with a degree from McGill University and a member of the Professional Order of Quebec’s Dietitians, Canada’s dietitians and the Academy of Nutrition.

Linda Montpetit

Being a mom of four, she brings with pleasure fresh food on our plates. For her, eating rhymes well first of all with pleasure and simplicity. She believes that small changes are enough to achieve great results. She is the author of Nutrition for Dummies, Québec edition and co-author of the book 21 jours de menus,végétalien  (21 days of vegan menus) from the collection ‘’Savoir quoi manger’’. In order to improve the health of the Laurentians population, she planned and runs the NutriSimple private consultation clinics in the Laurentians region located in Sainte-Sophie, Saint-Jérôme, Prévost and Saint-Sauveur. Its mission: To encourage change with simplicity and pleasure as well as banning life-long diets with practical tools, simple tips and great ideas.